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Rental of Units

Term and Conditions of Lease: No portion of a Unit (other than the entire Unit) may be rented unless prior written approval is received from the Board, nor shall the initial term of any Unit lease be less than 30 days. The Owner must provide a copy of the lease to the Board. This rule and those outlined below shall apply to and all leases executed after the effective date of these rules and regulations. 

Subject to Document: The mere execution of the lease or occupancy of a Unit (for any period of time) subjects a tenant/occupant to all pertinent provisions of the Governing Documents to the same extent as if the tenant/occupant were an Owner. Owner shall not be relieved of any obligation under the Governing Documents and shall remain primarily liable for the action of his/her tenants. The Owner is responsible for providing his/her tenant with the Governing Documents and notifying the tenant of any changes. The Association may send notices of violations by the tenant to both then tenant and the owner. All leases shall specifically state that, a tenant’s violation of the Governing Documents is deemed to be a material default of the lease for which Owner and the Council shall have all available remedies permitted by law including, but not limited to eviction. In the event the Council is forced to pursue eviction of the tenant on behalf of the Owner, the Owner shall be assessed with any associated legal fees and costs.

Landlord Owners: Owners of tenant-occupied Units are advised to stay informed of and to comply with federal, state, and local ordinances regulating residential rental properties and relations between landlords and tenants. The Association has no duty to notify Owners or tenants about landlord/tenant laws and ordinances.

Tenant Communications: Owners shall instruct their tenants to convey all communications through the Owner. Owners will further instruct their tenants that the Association does not manage or repair the Unit beyond the Association’s scope of responsibility pursuant to the Governing Documents. 

Danger: No Unit may be occupied by a tenant who constitutes a threat to the health or safety of other persons, or whose Occupancy could not result in substantial physical damage to the property of others.